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What is Gather and Scatter?

We Gather together as a church family one week worshiping, praying, teaching, and connecting with each other…

We Scatter into home churches the next week fellowshipping around an online service, often sharing a meal, and taking our conversations and relationships with Jesus and each other to new depths.

The Gather and Scatter model helps to direct our attention and efforts towards the journey of discipleship. It provides space for the large communal gatherings we are used to as well as increasing opportunity for more of the intimate, connected small group type settings.

“So, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart…” Acts 2:46

Do I need to register for a gathered service?

No, registration is no longer required. We do however request that everyone who attends a service at C3 Monash checks in via the Check In CBR app.

How do I get involved in a Home Church?

Just contact the office here, sending us a few details, and we’ll connect you with some of our home church leaders real soon. Or, you can come along to a Gathered service, meet some new people, and connect in with the different house churches that way.

Do I have to attend a home church to be part of C3 Monash?

Obviously, we’d love everyone at C3 Monash to be a part of a home church or connect group, we really believe in the power of the small group setting. We understand though for many people this just may not be possible. And if you can’t make it to a home church or connect group you are still more than welcome to join us each fortnight at our Gathered service.

Can I change which home church I go to?

Of course. As you develop a wider network of connections and friends at C3 Monash it may be that you find a home church that fits better with your life stage or offers a different discipleship challenge. As long as the hosts of your new home church are aware of your attendance and all COVID related restrictions and requirements can still be met then a change is ok by us.

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