House Churches/Connect Groups

We place a high value on our small group gatherings at C3 Monash because it’s in these smaller gatherings, our Connect Groups and House Churches, where the rich work of discipleship occurs. It’s here that we go deeper in the things of God, it’s here that we truly come to know and be known by others and it’s here where our faith is most often challenged and spurred on towards change and growth.

In our small group gatherings, we make space to freely and safely share the ups and downs of our walk with Jesus. It’s in these small gatherings that we enjoy the company of friends laughing and crying together, we encourage and are encouraged, and we both learn and teach, deepening our understanding of God and our relationship with Him and others.

If you’re looking to join a Connect Group and/or House Church we’d love to hear from you. Click Here to get in touch and we’ll connect you with one of our groups.


Andree Collins
Ben Aiken
Ben Rundle
Deanna Barilaro
Emily Rundle & Cherie Croft
Michal & Tana Botha
Michelle Aiken
Toni Cope

Home churches

Andrew & Nat Kingston
Home Church - Ben and Emily Rundle
Ben & Michelle Aiken
Steve & Kristy Miles