Leadership Transition

While 2020 was a year full of chaos and challenge it also, believe it or not, presented us with a few opportunities. Succession planning has been on the C3 Monash Board’s agenda for a couple of years now. And with all that has happened this past 12 months or so we have been able to bring forward the first stage of a leadership transition here at C3 Monash. While a transition had been envisaged a little further down the track the disruption and changes brought about by COVID (including the ability to operate remotely) have enabled us, in the best interests of the wider church and Ps Steve and Deb, to speed up these plans.


Ps Steve and Deb feel a clear release in God, both personally and professionally, to bring forward the transition, and to now focus their attention on identifying and raising up next generation successors. This release has had prophetic confirmation as well as a broad council of oversight endorsement and most importantly the confirming sense from many within the congregation that it is right.


It is important to understand that:

The process of transitioning from Ps Steve and Deb to new Senior Ministers may take up to 18 months.

Until new leadership is appointed Ps Steve and Deb remain the Senior Ministers of C3 Monash, they will however operate primarily from Kingscliff to be closer to their growing family.

The Pastoral Executive Team (see photo below) will take on greater responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the church. The PET will also assume greater authority for decision making under the guidance of Ps Steve and Deb.

It is acknowledged by Ps Steve and Deb, the Board, and the PET that the time is right for fresh leadership with new energy and renewed vision for the future of C3 Monash. These are exciting times for our church, and we invite you to walk with us into the future; dreaming, praying, worshipping, believing, laughing and crying as we seek God’s will and His leading in this journey. 

C3 Church Monash Team